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Santosha Yoga

Mandala realice sur le mur de Santosha Yoga [Conilhac de la Montagne, dans l’Aude], chez Gillan et Nills… va le voir sur dans le site web . On avais fait un tre belle journe chakra-yoga le dernier novembre…. ici son invitation :
[….] The second event with a young lady I met in Esperaza market, selling her drawings of Chakra Mandalas. They were so beautiful that I asked her to come to our house and paint one on a blank piece of wall. She did this, and you can see the photos on She told me that she does day workshops where she teaches yoga poses to clear the Chakras in the morning with some Chakra Meditation, and after lunch she teaches an art class where you can learn to draw the Mandalas. I thought this sounded awesome, so I invited her here to hold one. People need to sign up with her first, as I think she has a minimum amount and she brings all the art supplies. It is by donation, and people should bring a veggie lunch to share. This on Saturday 30th November […]


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